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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Our hero finds nourishment

A recap of the weekend...

Went to see the Captain Beefheart/Albert Ayler/Polvo enthusiasts Blame Game at the Warehouse Next Door. They really get better every time I see them and it's a shame that they're basically coming to an end with Alex Lambert (drums) moving to NYC to persue music full-time. The boy deserves work because his tremendous talents have gone to waste in Atlanta's non-existent jazz/free-improv scene. Picked up their new EPAsk Someone (it's the best thing they've ever recorded). Nice to see familiar faces (as well as Matt's!) on my second day.

Echo Is Your Love, a quintet from Finland on tour with Blame Game, was fantastic. Sister-era Sonic Youth fans (maybe even Confusion Is Sex) should definitely take note. They had some intense energy (like Blame Game, they played on the floor, not the stage) and the best guitar tones the whole night.

Paid too much for a meal in Chinatown (the lunch specials are only during the weekdays... now I know) and then went to the National Building Museum (who knew we had one?) to check out the exhibit, "The Greenhouse: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture and Design". Besides gaining a large amount of brownie points from Helen - who's interning this summer in Seattle for a website that loves, among other things, environmental geekery - I actually learned a few things about sustainability. Somewhere down the line when I'm in a more permanent location, it's something I'd like to try.

SUNDAY (today)
Woke up and found a clogged bathtub full of soapy water (yesterday we didn't have running water at all), so decided my shower late yesterday would suffice. Walked down D Street to look for a church service to attend. All of them started at 11AM, so I kept walking to scope the neighborhood. Coming upon North Carolina Ave., I saw signs for the Eastern Market. After my disappointment with the tiny grocery store, I had to investigate. Quickly I was in food paradise: fresh fruit and veggies, sweet shops, various butchers, not to mention flea market crafts and thrift store clothes. Picked up some raspberry and maple syrup sausage, eggs, and a grab-bag of veggies ($3!). Maybe I don't have to worry so much about finding a friend to take me to a Wal-Mart or a Whole Foods. Also discovered an organic foodstore walking home, which I might use to buy tofu (it was cheap).

Oh, when I sizzled the sausage for lunch, it set off the smoke alarm, which I thought I turned off, but then I heard a firetruck siren. Imagine my embarrasment when three burly men in full fireman attire were standing at my door and I had to explain that I had just moved in and didn't know the code to turn off the emergency alert system.

Man, I almost linked as much as Christa.


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous schlarb said...

very interesting I Heart Lung/Castanets/Wooden Wand show at the Warehouse Next Door last year... don't know what the people thought of it...


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