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Monday, October 29, 2007

Midwest Solo Roadtrip '07

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From October 18-25, I took a solo roadtrip of the Midwest, to see family and discover this part of the country where I was born, but have never really known. You could really liken the trip more to a mobile vow of quiet solitude (except at night when I stayed with friends or family), so there's not really much in the way of grandiose photography here or shananigans. And then, of course, are the times I just forgot to take pictures, like hanging out with Nicole's family in Chicago (twice), jamming with my brother (and cousin Johnny) at church, or along Highway 61 (Minnesota and Wisconsin) or the wonderful mistake of Highway 44 (Ohio).


At 9:59 PM, Blogger helen said...

pictures look awesome! the violin! the family! the trees! the hair cut! ang galing mo! sorry about exclamation points, but looks like it was a nice trip with the fam. Maybe I'll make it to the midwest one day. In Sha Allah.


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