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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Support WFMU!

|current sounds| Selwyn Lissack- Friendship Next of Kin (really out-there South African avant-jazz recently uncovered - great record!)

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I listen to WFMU online quite frequently and read their multimedia, multi-genre, multi-topic, multi-weirdness blog religiously. In my mind, WFMU is the best free-form radio station in America. No one equals them in specialty programming, their original talk shows are all hilarious and/or informative (not in a morning shock-jock way) and, most importantly, they have the most knowledgeable DJs around. To show my appreciation, I just made a $75 pledge. Because WFMU is cool, I'm getting some sweet swag in return: a WFMU Sasquatch Drummer t-shirt and one of the DJ-curated compilations (Tony Rettman's Man, I'm Glad to Know You, a collection of unreleased jams by bands like Mouthus and Blues Control - rad).

So I'm hoping that if anyone out there listens to WFMU, that you'll pledge and keep them on for another year of sonic savagery!


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