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Monday, December 24, 2007

Santa Conquers the Martians with MP3s

If you need some last minute Christmas tunes, here are some free downloads.

Smokedog- Dog the Halls: Pretty straight-ahead Christmas covers from the krauty garage-punk duo. Kinda sounds like Hasil Adkins. Available from their myspace page.

I Heart Lung- I Heart Christmas: Totally goofy and light-hearted ambient-free-jazz takes on classics as well as a new tune, "Santa Claus vs. Dracula." Available from Sounds Are Active.

Woven Hand "I Wonder as I Wander": The free Sounds Familyre Christmas album is fine, I suppose, but I love Woven Hand's drone-folk interpretation of this song. It's an inspired version, especially it's nearly monochordal nature lends itself easily to such a treatment. Available from Sounds Familyre.

And, of course...
Ancient Mariner "Deck the Hall": Two solo acoustic versions of the old air by yours truly can be found here and here.

Happy holidays!


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