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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Everytime I see the Capitol, I hear the West Wing theme even though it's not the White House

Lest my relatives think I've turned devil worshipper based on the last entry, know that my love for metal music is purely aesthetic. I've been a metalhead ever since I popped in Mortification's EnVision EvAngeline at a Christian bookstore when I was 12 years old. Metal, to me, celebrates theatrics and musical excessiveness better than any other kind of music. It's ridiculous, but awesomely so. I mean, if any fire-and-brimstone preacher ever wanted to really put the fear of God into a group of kids, he'd play "Black Sabbath" by Black Sabbath. It's the kinda song Jonathan Edwards could get behind.

Not since the unstructured meetings of the various camp staffs I've been on have I attended an actual "business" meeting until today. It's something I'm going to learn this summer, thankfully.

Ha. I watch West Wing reruns in D.C. I wonder how many people do in this city... er, district. I think this is the episode Donna puts the move on Josh. Shows what I take away from it, eh? Yay for the Bravo channel.

This weekend: shopping at the Eastern Market, maybe going to one of the Smithsonians with other interns.


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