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Monday, February 25, 2008

Lars Pillages Office, Leaves Behind Few Survivors

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I have finally made my debut on NPR Music as a contributing writer, well, at least an acknowledged one. I've been ghostwriting for music pieces on All Things Considered and other news programs for almost a year now. I already have a Song of the Day in queue for Earth, but when we discussed our Oscars coverage at a meeting mid-last week, I volunteered to write a piece on Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood's disqualified score for There Will Be Blood.

Without further ado... Jonny Greenwood: Where Oscars Fear to Tread.

It's step one in getting more avant-garde and "out" music on NPR Music in a way that's accessible to the NPR listener/visitor. I have a number of ideas in the works.

I'm also slowly infiltrating Morning Edition's segue way music. My friend Nicole is now directing the show a couple times a week and asked me for music advice. She left my house one afternoon with 25 CDs. So now you might hear music by Ester Drang, Map, J Dilla, Matthew Shipp, Steffen Bascho-Junhjans, Crooked Fingers and various Numero Group compilations to put more soul & funk on ME.

Here were the first two shows with some of my music suggestions sprinkled throughout: Mon., Feb. 18 and Tues., Feb. 19.

Speaking of the Oscars, how wonderful was it that Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won Best Original Song for "Falling Slowly"? Or better yet, that Jon Stewart recognized just how earnest and real these people were to bring Marketa back on stage to give her acceptance speech?


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