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Monday, March 03, 2008

Donate to WFMU, Real Radio Freedom Fighters

I haven't done so, yet (can't decide which premium I want!), but by the end of the week I'll start my second year as a WFMU pledger. If you listen to WFMU, read its hiliarous, informative blog, or just want to support freeform radio, please donate.

And this Sunday night, locals-to-FMU Yo La Tengo will once again play songs for pledges. SUPPORT NON-COMMERCIAL RADIO!

EDIT: I upped my amount this year, so I get two sweet premiums:
+ Woody's New Divisions of Plucked Strings: Previously unreleased tracks by contemporary guitarists, lutists, banjo players, etc, with inspiration from the Middle Ages to the avant-garde.
+ Evan Muse's Guitar Hero -- Japan!: The 6-string gods that you won't find on your Wii. From solo avant-improv to flamethrowing rock!


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