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Saturday, June 10, 2006


| current music | Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs "She May Call You Up Tonight" (Left Banke cover) from Under the Covers, Vol. 1

Man, the Swedes just missed a perfect chance to score against Trinidad and Tobago. It's a dead tie right now with no goals scored, though my father's home country's keeping the ball on Trinidad's side of the field. The best part is: I'm watching the World Cup in Spanish. Sure, I could find ESPN, but I landed on Univision first.
[Edit: They tied 0-0.]

WFMU, the best free-form radio station in the country that always an ear and eye for the strange and hilarious, has a contest on their blog to guess how many people will die World Cup-related deaths this month. Predictions have ranged from 4 hooligan deaths to 254. The British police denied soccer hooligans to leave the country for Germany, which is good or bad depending on how many soccer fans those WFMU listeners think will die.

Some of the interns went to the Eastern Market this morning for brunch and a little shopping.

Sarah (National Desk) and Jamie (Music Unit).

Jamie (Music Unit) and Jen (Arts & Entertainment Desk).

Nathan (Washington Desk).

A blurry Jeremy (Digital Media) says, "I'm down with vegetables."

Nathan then took us to Capitol Hill Books, a used book store that easily beats Jackson Street Books back in Athens. Stacks line the walls, overflow shelves, and even take over the restroom (the foreign language dictionary/grammar section!). I came away with both Dante's Purgatorio and Paradiso translated by Allen Mandelbaum (I want to re-read Inferno this summer, but have never read the entire Divine Comedy) as well as A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce (one of those books I just never read).


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