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Monday, January 22, 2007

Lazy recap in pictures

|current sounds| Mission of Burma- Snapshot (especially The Wipers "Youth of America" cover)

Our first ever dinner party at the house was a rousing success.

Leah baked her destined-to-be-world-famous "Orgasm in Your Mouth" Chocolate Cake (Leah's title, but appropo).

A different party, one on MLK, Jr. Day in fact.

We bought some board games: Scrabble and Balderdash, the latter of which I split the sides of the other contestants by way of a popular underground motorcross sport called "hillsopping" - you probably don't want to know and it's not family-friendly, which this blog tries, and sometimes fails, to maintain. But here are some of the roomies and Michael visiting from NYC working on a puzzle. I already hate the puzzle, so I'll be the jerk who puts in the final piece after everyone else has done the work. Aren't I rad?

Ecstatic that I now live in a city that snows. (I'm sure I'll be over it in due time, but let this Georgia boy beam while he still can.)


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Padmini said...

Lars, you ain't nothing but a carpetbagger at heart. snow, indeed.


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