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Friday, December 15, 2006

A Blur of Blonde

|current sounds| Mclusky "To Hell With Good Intentions" (on repeat)

On Wednesday, NPR had its annual Radio Rundown Relay Race literally around the office building. Daniel (pictured above, in the lead) assembled a team of former summer '06 interns which I dubbed The Blonde Bombshells, a four-person powerhouse set for glory: Daniel, Emilia, Laura, and myself. We printed up signs to duct-tape on our clothing. On the front: "Summer '06 Interns - Yeah, We're Still Here"; and on the back: "And We're Going to Kick Your @$$ - Happy Holidays!" (My idea, of course.) Being young and sprite, we aimed for the coveted first place (other distinctions were slowest team, "most NPR," most likely to run the race to get out of work, etc.). Alas, online music producer Stephen Thompson gave my former summer cubicle-mate Jenel a 20 foot lead once Laura handed off the baton to me. I crossed the finish line just 10 feet behind Jenel. 2nd place: the first losers.

Watch the Radio Rundown Relay Race video.

But like your fifth grade olympic games, everybody won. Our team won dinner for four at Fuddruckers down the street and today I half-enjoyed a free burrito courtesy of California Tortilla (specialty burritos are so amazing in theory, why aren't they in actuality?!).

It should be noted that Phillip Buchan, one of the most dedicated and aesthetically forward-thinking music directors WUOG has ever known (plus one of the best friends a guy could have), DJ'ed his last shift on Wednesday night. I'm sad to say I only caught thirty minutes of the show as I thought he planned to do his final shift today, but the funny thing is that looking at the play list, I probably know what he said about every album. He sent out dedications to his friends and apparently (and awesomely) saw it fitting to attach my name to "1970" by The Stooges.

I don't even want to think about my last show at WUOG (yes, a twelve-hour Christmas special). It's too bad I didn't record any of it, but then again, I'd never want to relive tearing up as I back-announced for the last time and turned off the station.


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