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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Freaking out at half-time

|current sounds| Radiohead- I Might Be Wrong

Man, I always wanted a big band to cover "National Anthem" by Radiohead and it looks like I got my wish (well, at least it's a major section of the Radiohead medley). The Arizona (?) group really went all-out on the horn freakout! I would love to see that performed live.

Some music crits and hyper-sensitive bloggers get mad when marching bands arrange popular tunes for competition as if they have special ownership of their favorite band. I tend to go anarcho on art and music like that - I think it's all up for grabs. Now, there is a distinction: creative, genuine use that either (or simultaneously) celebrates and/or deconstructs the piece or, well, just plain rubbish. For the latter, it's usually a "know it when you see it" situation. And sometimes, art deserves, nay, needs to be reduced to rubbish.

Too many good concerts coming up, which brings last month's lackthereof to equilibrium:
+ Joanna Newsom, P.G. Six @ Black Cat (11/17): I understand Newsome's performing Ys, the phenomenal new album, in its entirety on this tour. Wow, oh wow. Maybe she'll marry me? Or at least bear my children?
+ Dirty Projectors @ Rock n Roll Hotel (11/20): Would love to go to this, but may need the $$$ for the show below. Although, D-Lo's been known to screen The Getty Address videos on a big projector (duh), which are all pretty sweet.
+ Charalambides @ 611 Florida Ave (11/21): Because I'm such a good guy, I gave my copy of A Vintage Burden to Phillip when I should have just hoarded it. :)

Oh, and what the #$%&!


At 12:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you should have hoarded it :)

I would go see that Charalambides show at all costs. They were even better than I imagined they would be on their Atlanta date. It was like watching Jace accompany June Tyson. Tom Carter's dad was in the audience, though, so maybe he was just showing off for his papa.


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