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Thursday, November 16, 2006

\m/ once again

|current sounds| various Chartreuse tracks (Drew, I love it!)

Ladies and gentlemen, the halls of Odin shout praise! On Monday, February 19th, this young Viking shall swing his hair valiently to

Man, forget Joanna Newsom. The greatest metal band of all time - the one for which I purchased my first ever red t-shirt (un-thought-of for many years) to iron-on in black Cooper Black font "SLAYER" and wear on my second day at NPR for the National Day of Slayer - will drench the walls of the 9:30 Club with the blood of the ears shorn from auditory battle.

And, yes, I did buy a ticket just now. Not taking chances on this one.


At 5:17 PM, Blogger ashley said...

lars i am using my blog wee! also i linked you in my blog. LINK ME LINK ME LINK ME!

sorry you didn't get in joanna newsom :(

At 8:12 PM, Blogger Lars said...

you have been linked, miss ashley!

sigh. the elfin/nordic babies would have been so adorable.

At 10:56 AM, Blogger ashley moyers said...

find another elf lars! the world is crawling with them. fear not!

thanks for linking me! little by little i am working my way to fame-hood ;)


i did update my blog though, so that's good.

At 8:51 AM, Blogger ashley moyers said...

just wanted to tell you joanna newsom was wonderful last night. and not only is she adorable, but the whole band is really good looking. zach says he feels like they're all leading better lives than we are.

we ran into practically everyone we've ever known. wish you could have gone with us!

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Lars said...

i ended up seeing the elfin princess anyway! blog entry to come!

i wish i could've been there, too. i'm going to be in georgia for thanksgiving if any of you folks are in athens this week.


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