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Monday, February 05, 2007

Chicken Bowl 2007

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I work with Stephen Thompson, founder of the Onion AV Club, at NPR. He's also the creator of "Chicken Bowl," a 10 years+ tradition to consume as much fried chicken within the space of the Super Bowl every year. No longer in Wisconsin, the contest's now based in D.C. Being of small stomach and without strategy, I only ate two breasts, two thighs, and two wings. I never want to see a piece of Popeyes Chicken again. I think Stephen, the night's clear winner, ate 11 pieces total. He's a man's man.

Speaking of men, why can't I find a picture of Prince's awesome, Halftime Show guitar silhouette online, yet?

I just turned down a free ticket to tonight's Sufjan Stevens Kennedy Center show, for which literally thousands of precious indie-kids camped out in 20-degree temperatures. Sorry, the prospect of seeing Sufi and his clan in butterfly-bird wings with the National Symphony Orchestra sounds like the most annoying spectacle imaginable. My love/hate relationship escalates.

Video find of the day: Cecil Taylor and his hummingbird hands (circa 1981). And, yes, that is a brief clip of Bill Dixon in the beginning. I wish I knew what program this was from.


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