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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Secret Secret Horrible Music Club

|current sounds| Alice Coltrane- Journey In Satchidananda (now making beautiful music with John again)

This Saturday I will be in Athens, Georgia to promote the first, big release for my label, Thor's Rubber Hammer Productions, a compilation of Athens "noise" artists called Deeded to Itself: Athens Southernoise. The idea began just before I left Athens when I asked a friend if he wanted to do a split noise EP to put out some material that didn't really fit into what I was doing at the time. It soon turned into an idea of collecting music from the under-documented experimental Athens scene that didn't have a connection to the Elephant 6 tribe (who have been compiled a number of times). In fact, it had only been a day after I had put out some feelers on the project when Jeff Tobias (We Versus the Shark) called me in the morning expressing a great interest in being involved in any way possible (he contributes as "Orthopedics"). Finally, eight months later, Deeded to Itself will have its CD release party at the Secret Squirrel (the most organized and coolest DIY venue I've ever been to) on Saturday, February 17th.

TRHP will also release albums by Long Legged Woman and Chartreuse, both on the Deeded CD, as well as a very limited Elephant 666 Orchestra 2xCD (crazy stuff some compadres and I did two summers ago at WUOG) on Saturday. I didn't mean to be so prolific right off the hitch, but the label feeds my creativity, especially since I'm working with musicians that I respect and want to promote.

Artwork for Chartreuse, Long Legged Woman, and Deeded to Itself, respectively. (I designed the latter two.)


At 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

douche! as if you thought the other anti-musicians and I would have nothing to contribute.

it's cool. I'm getting ready to drop something that will make all your Thor's shit sound like Cher by comparison.



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