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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Besides standing behind Robert Siegel in the lunch line...

|current sounds| better people- white lighter

If you ever wondered exactly what it is I do at NPR, here is a small list of stories and features I've made web pages for and other things I've contributed:
  • Wrote the introduction ("copy" in journalism terminology) to Abandoned Language by Dälek for All Songs Considered.
  • Made a fancy web page for an All Things Considered story on Lorraine Gordon, the owner of the Village Vanguard.
  • Wrote the introduction to The Slow Bang by Madeline for All Songs (and she wonders why Bob mentions The Sugar Shakers! :).
  • Built the listener-driven Valentine's Day songs page.
  • Helped coordinate the Best CDs of 2006 extravaganza.
  • Update the Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz website every week.


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