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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Ladies are Waiting (Ladies in Waiting) Mix CD

Subtitled: "The Best Songs of March 27, 2008"

Time for another mix, this time a very accessible pop-leaning one, perhaps to counter to the heavy-psychedelic mix I'll put up next week. Download link is below the tracklist.

1. "Canceling Stamps at the University of Ghana Post Office" from the Worlds of Music
Found this song via WFMU's blog and I can't help but smile every time I hear it. The field recording is exactly what it says and features most infectious whistled melody that perks up my day.
2. The Foxglove Hunt "That's Getting Personal"
What is it with me and coy synth-pop? I don't even like The Pet Shop Boys, but I just can't say no to Rob Withem's first project after Fine China (R.I.P.). Sounds like When the World Sings, but way gayer. (In a good way.)
3. Crystal Castles "Untrust Us"
The hipster factor here is staggering, but Crystal Castles' arty Nintendo-electro-pop is fun. Consider me a fan.
4. Manu Dibango "Groovy Flute"
The album is called African Voodoo. I didn't need any more convincing.
5. Invisible Conga People "Cable Dazed"
More hipster dance rubbish I can't help but enjoy. Of course they're from New York.
6. Religious Knives "96 Tears"
The noisy rock band has gone Doors. Here they cover ? and the Mysterians.
7. Jose Gonzalez "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
I had the recent realization that I do not like Joy Division. I always thought I did. But Jose, as always, delivers a lovely acoustic interpretation.
8. Javiera Mena "Sol de Invierno"
Heard this on WFMU yesterday and immediately took to the web to research. Turns out this fantastic Chilean piano ballad is a fluke among rather bad mainstream pop, but boy does it hit the spot.
9. Tahiti 80 "Desiree"
How can you go wrong with a Left Banke cover? A pretty great pop band covering the most underrated pop band of the '60s.
10. Big Dipper "All Going Out Together"
R.E.M. jangle-pop meets the muscle of Husker Du.
11. Richard Swift "Sign Language"
Lou Reed goes to Jamaica and comes back puffin' instead of shootin'.
12. Six Stars of Long Island, N.Y. "Had It Not Been for Him"
Yet another WFMU find yesterday (by the same DJ, no less). This R&B obscurity only seems to exist in the annals of that station, so I got it like I used to as a kid, but instead of dubbing a tape from the radio, I dubbed the archived MP3 stream onto the computer. Technology, man.
13. Warm Climate "19th Century Blessings"
An RPM Challenge friend in arms, except his record is way better. Bowie and Bolan on a serious headtrip.
14. The Homosexuals "Vociferous Slam"
My old station, WUOG, got the art-punk band's reissues and I played the hell out of this song for months. The Homosexuals just recently reunited for a show, so I finally bought the box set.

(Remember: The files will be unordered once you unzip the folder. I've included a text document with the tracklist so you can re-order the songs in iTunes.)


At 2:42 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I'm hooked on Crystal Castles and The Homosexuals (I can't get enough of Soft South Africans or the rest of the albums for that matter).

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Lars said...

This Sarah D.? How's Wales?!

Yeah, I don't know why I hadn't bought the Homosexuals box set until now. I'd turn those songs WAY UP in the DJ booth and rock out.

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Ryan said...

Hey Lars,
I'm from and I was reading your blog this afternoon. I really like your choice of music, it has really broadened my taste.

JamsBio is a social community to share your life through music. Feel free to look around and make a top 5 list about The Homosexuals if you would like.


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