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Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Drains the Wallet

|current sounds| Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso UFO- Recurring Dream and Apocalypse of Darkness

Saw Acid Mothers Temple for the third time last night (second at the Rock n Roll Hotel). That band never fails to put me into a psychedelic third-eye trance. It was probably the heaviest/chunkiest, metal-inspired set I've seen AMT play, no doubt working out material from the new album, Recurring Dream and Apocalypse of Darkness, which I picked up as a glorious 2xLP gatefold vinyl last night. (Listening to it now, methinks AMT heard a SunnO))) in the last year or so.)

And in a "I'm not too old to go to concerts, am I?" moment, there was what appeared to be an 18-year-old couple making out throughout the entire set. In the front row, in front of me. It makes me wonder, "What kind of people make out to Japanese psychedelic-kraut-rock freakouts?" and "If this is going to start happening, do I want to go to shows"?

Sigh. The answer is always yes.

3/28-29: Spontaneous Infinity Festival @ Velvet Lounge
(Bunch of free-jazz groups playing this weekend, including Elliot Sharp, which I guess is cool. Let's hope it's not too wanky... right.)
4/3: Boredoms @ 9:30 Club
4/12: Dark Meat, Monotonix @ The Red & The Black
(I can't imagine how this show is going to work: R&B has the smallest room in D.C., Dark Meat has 18+ members, and Monotonix does stuff like this. I will have a camera that night for sure.)
4/16: Evangelista @ Velvet Lounge
4/26: Jay Reatard @ Black Cat
4/26: The B-52s @ 9:30 Club
(You know what? The new B-52s CD, Funplex, is surprisingly good... at least the first 4 songs, but I'll probably end up at the Jay Reatard show anyway.)
5/4: Earth @ Rock n Roll Hotel
5/4: Stars of the Lid @ Iota
(Yet another show conflict. Slow-paced doom-country or slow-paced ambient/neo-classical? Choices.)
5/11: Radiohead @ Nissan Pavillion
(Liars were just confirmed as the openers. Score. Everyone I know says this way-out-of-way Virginia venue sucks. Minus score.)
5/20: We Versus the Shark @ The Red & The Black
5/23: Vic Chesnutt, Silver Mt. Zion @ Black Cat
(Two Athens artists in one week will remind me of what I miss most about the town. Don't particularly care for Silver Mt. Zion, but those Canadian commies did wonders as the back-up musicians on both the Vic Chesnutt and Evangelista albums.)
5/27: Loren Connors @ Issue Project Room (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
(It's in the middle of the week, but I've been putting off seeing the guitarist to whom I owe much of my personal playing style. He hardly plays outside of New York, so I need to make the trip. Looks like it'll be a solo show, which is exactly how I want to see him perform.)
5/30: Fern Knight @ Velvet Lounge

In news that would make many of my indie-rocker friends jealous, Carrie Brownstein (once Sleater-Kinney's face-melting guitarist, now NPR's Monitor Mix blogger) mentions my name in the latest episode of All Songs Considered when talking about the Athens band, We Versus the Shark. Word.


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