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Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'll "unexpectedly quit" you!

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I did have a nice long entry about the Sonic Youth show I attended for All Songs Considered, my realizations about radio vs. magazines writing, the goodies I bought at Eastern Market, the Freer & Sackler Galleries, and James McNeill Whistler, but my internet browser decided to "unexpectedly quit".... twice.

In lieu of lofty prose, here are pictures of the Sonic Youth show and a punch in mouth to technology.

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Be Your Own Pet, a spastic Stooges-infected punk band a la Yeah Yeah Yeahs, opened for the Yoof. They're on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label. The band's decent on CD, but were an intense live band, especially on the last two songs thrashing harder than 18 and 17 year olds should.

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Thurston Moore's (Sonic Youth) specially tuned guitar army. You have no idea how tempted I was to touch them.

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Sonic Youth.

Set list:
Jams Run Free
Pink Steam
Drunken Butterfly
Do You Believe in Rapture?
The Neutral
Pacific Coast Highway
What a Waste
--first encore--
Turquoise Boy
--second encore--
Shaking Hell


At 3:31 PM, Blogger christa t said...

Hey, did you know Thurston and Kim and their daughter were on the Gilmore Girls? I just read that in Venus and freaked out that I missed it.

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Lars said...

i saw it! helen loves gilmore girls. i find it annoying, tolerable at best, but i watched that episode just to see Joe Pernice, the Sonic Youth family, and Sam Phillips perform on national television. Kim sang while Coco played bass and Thurston awkwardly jumped around playing guitar.


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