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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bulleted, slightly expounded-upon list of the past week

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I decided to take a "day off" from writing cover letters and submitting resumes to hike a portion of the Appalacian Trail in Maryland. I took the website's advice and started the trail off Weverton Road where I hiked a somewhat intense 45 minutes up a steep switchback trail. My calves have not known such pain for quite some time simply because I hadn't worked those muscles in at least two years. After that, an easy hike even if the windchill made it feel like 30 degrees out. I made it out to Gapland Park and saw a sign that read, "Weverton Cliffs - 6 mi." and sadly had to turn around since my running shoes aren't exactly prime for hiking (two fat blisters can attest to that). On the way back, I stopped at the Ed Garvey Memorial Shelter, the best-looking and most-equipped hiker's stop I've ever seen (I plan to use it at some point), and stopped to talk for nearly an hour to three older gentlemen I'd met at the beginning of the trail. They all come from the local church and the pastor among them gave me his card so we could meet up on the trail again some time.

Speaking of, former NPR intern Michael asked me if I wanted to hike the AT. A resounding yes! We're not sure when this will happen, but it's something I've always wanted to do. Once I get some nice hiking boots and some gear, I'm going to start training.


Zach and Phillip came to visit from Athens. We walked the length of 16th Street, ate at the Front Page (their home pale ale - excellent as always), talked music (how I miss my music nerd friends!), met all of my roommates (who all wished Z + P could have stayed an extra day), and went out for a drink later at Wonderland. So great to have some of my dearest friends visit on their fall break. And these aren't road-trip-type people!

Also got some new Telenovela jams from Zach.


Forgot "partying Halloween" happened tonight, so I didn't have a costume ready to go out. But wouldn't be awesome if I wore this?
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SUNDAY (today)

Bought pre-packaged Indian food from Trader Joe's. Ran into one of the few people from high school (who went to UGA with me) that I liked, Shannon, at TJ's and hugged excitedly. Apparently, she doesn't live too far away from our house, so now I have a new-old friend in town!


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