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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

If you give a man an egg, then he will fish for a lifetime

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I post this picture of a broccoli-maple bacon quiche to prove to my mother that I am, in fact, eating well. This was my first attempt at the eggy "hey, it's a breakfast and a dinner" meal and it turned out all right (I really wanted spinach, but the foodstore was out - DCers are still greedily storming the shelves after, what, three weeks of no spinach?). I even made the crust. Everyone in the house cooks like a star, perhaps even Silas (our new fifth roommate who officially packed the fridge tight), though we've yet to see his talents. Jamie likes hearty, veggie pies, Sarah's all about ginger, and Nicole's been blowing us out of the water this past week with stuffed spaghetti squash and some of the juiciest chicken I've had in a while. Sarah's convinced we need a cooking show and as soon as we can get our hands on a digital camera (Sarah and I both have video editing software on our Macs), we're going to film episodes for the Google-conglomerated-YouTube. We're not joking.

Speaking of YouTube, these three Argentine pre-teens (if that!) are the greatest thing to happen to metal right now. All I know right now is that their names are Emilio, Jorge, and Victor, their dad (who makes a cameo in the Slipknot video) filmed it sometime last year, and that these kids understand that metal is fun. Seriously, watch that Slipknot video (never thought I say something like that) - that kid in the Pikachu shirt (awesome) is almost the same size as the imitation Stratocaster he's wielding! All three kids are ridiculously (multi-)talented for their age and get that Sepultra and Iron Maiden are joyous expressions of rock n roll.

Also, did Jeffrey cheat? Christa alerts us to the scandal! Only tonight's ruffle-tingling Project Runway finale (or "FIN-ALE-LEE" as Heidi Klum would say) will tell.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger christa t said...

Oooh, I immediately googled "stuffed spaghetti squash" after reading this. But is it as good as the 6 lbs of Curly QQQs Grant and Tim would bake up when they were stoned? Think again.

At 3:43 PM, Blogger IdemosthenesI said...

*sigh* Now I'm all DCnostalgicizing


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