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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The left side of County Election

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As nearly apolitical as my friends and family think I am, I do vote (despite a hatred of all politicians). And now that I live in a district without any representative in Congress (sorry, Green Party, statehood's just not going to happen), it's hard to get jazzed about elections when all you have to vote for is a mayoral candidate that's already acting as if he's got the job. Nevertheless, I would have gone to the polls today if it were legal. DC has a rule, as many states do, that you cannot vote 30 days after registering (getting a driver's license) in the district. And since I didn't want to register with a party (can't bring myself to support either of the two majors), I can't vote in future primaries. So there you have it. I imagine DC residents feel as lost and hopeless as I do when it comes election time, which is probably why a good bit of them eventually move out to Silver Spring and Bethesda, Maryland.

How did I end up in the capitol of the free world again? :)


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