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Saturday, June 17, 2006

I like neopolitan ice cream... but mostly the vanilla

|current sounds| Robert Fripp & Brian Eno- Air Structures (live bootleg, 1975)

Stuff I wish I had brought to Washington, D.C.:
+ Bicycle: I've been surprised at how bike-friendly this city is, especially where I live and on the Mall. Not that it doesn't take long for me to walk to and from work each day, but a bike certainly gives me more of an aerobic exercise.
+ Kitchen things: wok, blender, teapot... we have none of these things. I particularly miss beating my vegetables into submission with the wok.
+ More nice clothes: NPR's version of "business casual" is t-shirts and jeans (at the least), which is awesome, but I feel so strange walking through Capitol Hill among all these suits and ties. I do have some decent attire to get by, though.

Stuff I miss in Athens, GA:
+ Sweet tea: Unlike Georgia, sweet tea is not legally required to be served in all restaurants.
+ WUOG: Of course I miss WUOG! Especially my favorite DJs. I listen online when I can.
+ Seeing Telenovela play every few weeks. (Have fun opening for Danielson!)
+ Wuxtry Records and Agora.
+ Vision Video's 5 old movies for 5 days for $5 deal.
+ Little Italy Pizza & Subs

I'm reviving my dance music phase out of nowhere (I blame it on all the great techno Forced Exposure Distribution sent us last week). Two years ago, for about a month, I was obsessed with house and drum-n-bass, usually of the ambient variety. All I've been listening to lately has been music like Out Hud, The Juan Maclean (got the 2xCD remix compilation at the office... rules), and Marc Leclair. And now I really want to DJ a dance party. Better be careful, I might start collecting 12" DJ singles. (Too late. Already have 10, I think).

The WFMU World Cup Death Watch is now up to 18. USA tied Italy by a fluke. Then again, I once scored on my own team in my soccer years.


At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It warms my heart that you miss Little Italy and not Transmet.



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