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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Transformers! More than meets the eye!

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Near the end of the Rogers Sisters set, the crew at the 9:30 Club began to usher in people from backstage and check the wiring close to where I had my laptop set up for the live chat room during the Sleater-Kinney show (I moderate the chat room for the NPR Live Concert Series). I didn't think twice about it, but when the house lights came on, and Bob Boilen turns to me and says, "I think they might cancel the show," I still hadn't pieced it together.

Reportedly, a transformer outside the building was overheating and even caused a small fire outside the front doors of the building. The fire marshall caught wind and immediately came to shut down the show. A man had to stand in front of the sold-out audience and tell them they show was cancelled and had to evacuate. I did not envy him. The crowd, for the most part, sadly complied, but an angry mob formed outside. But really, since when is an angry mob of indie-rock kids that threatening?

No word if Sleater-Kinney will be able to reschedule. Would've been incredible to see "Entertain," "Oh!", or "Dig Me Out" live. This is their final tour before they go on "indefinite hiatus." I'm bummed about it, but my heart especially goes out to the fans that travelled across the country.

Here's the scene outside the 9:30 Club:

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